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IAQ Home Upgrades – The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family This Holiday Season

Breathe easier with amazing holiday gifts that keep on giving. Give your family IAQ home upgrades to improve everyone’s health and wellbeing.

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IAQ home upgrades

The holiday season is quickly approaching. That means the great gift hunt is about to begin. Or perhaps, you’re looking for that ideal last-minute item for the family. Holiday shopping can be a stressful struggle to find the perfect gift for every person on your list.

Why not choose a present that benefits the whole family at the same time? We’re talking about a gift that will make their daily lives simpler, healthier and more comfortable for years to come: indoor air quality. IAQ home upgrades are a convenient and valuable gift choice this season.

IAQ Home Upgrades As Gifts For The Whole Family

Indoor air quality plays a larger role in your family’s daily lives than you may realize. Poor air quality has negative effects on health and wellness and on the home’s cleanliness and quality. There are several reasons IAQ is a gift everyone will appreciate.

1. Fewer Respiratory and Allergy Symptoms

Most of us don’t understand just how many different particles are in indoor air. That is, until they pursue IAQ home upgrades and feel the difference. Your home’s air is likely full of harmful pollutants and allergens like pollen, mold and dust.

These particles irritate airways, causing scratchy throats and inflamed noses. This is especially noticeable if you or someone in the household suffers from seasonal allergies or has a respiratory condition. Better air quality means a reduced amount of pesky particles indoors and you can expect to feel a noticeable difference almost immediately.

2. Easier Cleaning

There are a few reasons why better air quality will save you and your family time on cleaning. For one, air purification systems minimize many of the dust particles throughout the home. Purification actively reduces the amount of pollutants. Those pollutants, in turn, become noticeable dust build-up on the surfaces in your space. With IAQ upgrades, there’s less dust to clean around the house. It’s a win-win: easier cleaning and already cleaner spaces.

IAQ home upgrades also reduce mold and mildew growth. Humidity control is partly to thank for this. Without excess humidity and instead proper regulated levels, it reduces the ease of mold and mildew buildup. Both of which are particularly difficult to clean and harmful to occupant health.

3. Better Sleep

This is one of those hidden consequences of poor air quality that many experience without even realizing it. If air quality is poor, harmful particles irritate and inflame airways while we sleep. This results in lower sleep quality. In many cases, you don’t realize the problem immediately. Instead, you probably wake up feeling less rested. That could be because the irritation is preventing you from sleeping as deeply as your body needs.

4. Improved Humidity Balance

Filtration and purification of air pollutants is key for good indoor air quality–but so is humidity. Humidity control depends on where you live, and the specific climate. You might struggle with dry air during certain seasons and humid air during others.

Humidity is uncomfortable when it’s extreme. This is true for both ends of the spectrum-high and low. When it’s too humid, it can make the air feel thicker and it’s harder to breathe. It also results in a constant feeling of dampness or a musty smell. Low humidity levels leads to dry or cracked skin and nosebleeds, not to mention increased static electricity. On the whole, high and low humidity levels have many serious health impacts. Poor humidity regulation can also have dire effects for your home, such as warped furniture, walls and floors.

5. Fewer Illnesses

Unless someone in your family has a respiratory condition, most of the aforementioned symptoms are discomforts. However, poor air quality can also lead to serious illnesses. Poor air quality also does nothing to help those who suffer from pre-existing conditions. Countless studies have shown the relationship between health and good indoor air quality. The right air filters and IAQ home upgrades can reduce the risk of airborne viruses and capture harmful pollutants before they spread in your home.

6. A Fresh Smell

Who doesn’t love a fresh, clean smell in their home? It’s quite easy to spend money on air fresheners, candles, incense–you name it. But it’s actually easier to enjoy a fresh indoor scent more often with improved air quality.

Sometimes smells originate from particles in the air like mold, mildew and pollutants. Even when smells arise from something in your home like garbage or pet accidents, those smells travel throughout the air. Air purification will reduce those odors so you can enjoy a fresher, cleaner-smelling home without expensive diffusers and scented products.

Top Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

So, how do you give your family the gift of fewer illnesses, more daily comfort, a fresh-smelling home, and all the other advantages of improved indoor air quality? There are a variety of IAQ home upgrades to choose from. The best option will depend on what your home needs most.

Whole-Home Air Purification

Whole-home purification systems are a go-to solution. Purifiers actively reduce pollutants like: dust, mold, germs, viruses, pet dander, VOCs and more. Purification works by using a process of bipolar ionization which encourages particles to clump together, making them easier to filter out. 

Freestanding home purifiers can be loud and bulky. It’s also difficult to figure out where to place them throughout the home and how many you need for maximum performance. Instead of that hassle, we suggest a whole-home air purification system. Professionally-installed, theywork to the benefit of your entire home. Constant adjustments aren’t needed, making it a low-maintenance and low-worry product.

HVAC Air Filter Upgrades

One of the easiest ways to improve indoor air quality is to upgrade air filters. This is a popular choice for many, because it’s also quite inexpensive. (Especially if you choose the right filter that can last for months!) 

Higher-rated air filters block smaller particles and effectively capture more particles overall. This keeps indoor air cleaner and healthier. We suggest MERV-13 filters for homes. A MERV rating simply measures the efficacy or strength of a filter. MERV-13 is the best filter upgrade that works with residential HVAC systems without costly system upgrades.

Whole-Home Humidity Control

Similar to the problems of standalone purifiers, individual humidifiers and dehumidifiers are not practical or effective for the entire home. They’re difficult to coordinate and manage on a daily basis.

Instead, opt for a whole-home humidity control system. With internal monitors, they automatically regulate home humidity levels. Regardless of the season and weather, whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers keep your space in the ideal 40 to 60% indoor relative humidity range.

Mechanical Ventilation

Fresh air is a beautiful thing. But it’s not always a good idea (or possible) to open windows and doors to let outdoor air in. Doing so disrupts temperature control, especially in the colder months, and potentially leaves your home vulnerable. Mechanical ventilation is the superior ventilation system. ERVs and HRVs bring in fresh air from outdoors and remove stale indoor air without the added risks.

The Gift of Improved Indoor Air Quality

Everyone wants to give a gift that lasts. IAQ home upgrades are a gift that can provide for your family day after day, year after year. To find out what you can do for your home, shop our suggested IAQ home upgrades online.

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