Energy Recovery Ventilators for Your Home

Lifebreath METRO 120ERV-ECM Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)
Upgrade your living space with the perfect Residential Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) for your needs. When you install an ERV in your home, you instantly eliminate stale, harmful air and replace it with clean, fresh air from outside your home. Stuffy rooms and humidity become a thing of the past with help from the right ventilation system.

These advantages let you save money and enjoy a healthier life every day.

What they do

Your home is an oasis, and you should be as comfortable as possible when spending time there. That’s why optimizing the air you breathe is crucial to your health and comfort while at home. Luckily, ERVs were created specifically to help you achieve just that.

Numerous homeowners make use of ERVs to continuously refresh the air inside their buildings with minimal effort. They are typically connected to your HVAC system or to independent ductwork in your home. Once connected, an ERV pushes old air out of your living space to make room for fresh air that enters from outside your home.

To accomplish this, each energy recovery ventilation system undergoes a series of key steps. Each step plays an essential role in your comfort while spending time at home. Here’s a brief overview of the process that an ERV goes through once you install one in your living space.

how they do it

It’s helpful to be familiar with the structure of a typical ERV unit. This appliance normally contains two separate fans.

Fan #1 – collects fresh, clean air from outside your living space and pump it into your home.

Fan #2 – captures the stale air from inside your home and releases it out into the atmosphere.

To ensure that this process is successful every time, an ERV also makes use of a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger works to transfer moisture and heat from the stale air stream to the fresh air stream.

As a result, your home always remains warm or cold, depending on the temperature outside and the time of year.

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