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Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Whole-Home Active Air Purifier

A whole-house air purifier is an essential investment for those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory conditions. The system helps reduce symptoms by removing air pollutants that cause frequent or intense allergy attacks. It also helps control asthma flare-ups when you live in close proximity to major roads where hundreds or thousands of cars pass daily.

The Dust Free Active Air Purifier works by emitting positive and negatively charged ions that attach to small particles in the air. Due to opposing charges, they attract one another! This attraction will merge them into one large enough for your filter to easily catch.

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Do Air Purifiers Work?

If you want the best solution possible and have the time to invest in it, then yes! Air purification is proven to be beneficial for your health and can improve allergies by removing allergens from the air around you.

  • Cleaner air in your home
  • Eliminates a variety of allergens, chemicals, and gases
  • Active system specifically designed for homes
  • Reduces dust, pet dander, and other particulates in the air

The benefits of air purification are vast and the best option is always going to be a whole-home solution. Spending money on an active air system for your home will allow you to breathe cleaner, fresher air than any standalone unit can provide. Whether it’s allergens like pollen or pet dander, chemicals in the carpeting or furniture, or byproducts from cooking such as formaldehyde or carbon monoxide gases—a high-quality system gets rid of them all! This active air purifier was designed specifically for homes like yours that need more than just another standalone unit.

Looking for a More Comprehensive Answer? We have an entire post written on this subject. Air purifiers are a great way to improve indoor air quality and protect your family’s health. But which one will give you the best bang for your buck?
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Can an Air purifier Purify the Whole House?

It depends on the size and type of air purifier you purchase, most air purifiers are designed to clean the air in a single room. However, there are some units that are powerful enough to purify the air in an entire house. These units typically need to be professionally installed, and they may be more expensive than smaller units upfront but less expensive in terms of maintenance. For people with allergies or other respiratory conditions, an air purifier that can clean the air throughout the house can be a lifesaver. In addition, these units can help to reduce household dust levels, making it easier to keep your home clean. So if you’re looking for a way to improve the quality of your indoor air, a whole-house air purifier may be the answer.

Whole House Air Purifiers

Product Highlights

Dust Free Active Air Purifier

  • Installed directly into your HVAC system
  • Dramatically improves existing filtration
  • Clean air to every corner of every room
  • Eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew, smoke, VOCs and more
  • Low maintenance
  • UL2998 Certified – No Ozone

High-Performance Active Air Purifier for Your Home

This advanced air purification system ensures that you’re only breathing clean, irritant-free air while spending time at home. Whether you aim to find relief from allergies or simply hope to refresh your living environment, you can accomplish all of your goals with the best air purification unit.

Unlike other air purification systems, Dust Free Active Air Purifiers take a proactive approach to sanitizing the air in your home. They target the source of each pollutant and eradicate it safely and efficiently. By getting to the root of the problem, your air purifier is able to solve the issue before it becomes unmanageable.

  • Prevents the spread of allergens and bacteria
  • Eliminates smoke, mold, and pet dander
  • Cleans the air in minutes
  • Ideal for people with allergies or asthma
  • Low maintenance and easy to use

Dual Active Air Purification

It’s these dual technologies working together that make this system so incredible. Target and address indoor air issues at the source, whether it be odors, bacteria, viruses, allergens or other issues that cause discomfort and health issues.

How It All Works

Bipolar ionization provides your air with millions of both positive and negative ions that encourage particles in the air to stick together. This process makes the particles bigger and much easier to filter. And, it dramatically improves the performance of your existing filtration system.

The center of this device uses ultraviolet (UV) light energy combined with a 5-metal, quint-metallic core and purifies the air with proactive air scrubbers. This process produces aerosolized hydrogen peroxide. Similar to Mother Nature’s way of cleansing the air and creating a healthy environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can air purifiers make you sick?

No, but there is more to the story. Air purifiers can’t make you sick because they work to clean the air. Some produce ozone and that can be an irritant to most people. Look for the UL2998 certification to ensure no ozone production.

Do air purifiers help with allergies?

The Dust Free Whole-Home Air Purifier can help! Indoor allergies are a significant problem for many people, and they often cannot be blamed on contact with allergens in the environment such as animals or dust mites— even though these things may contribute to an individual’s symptoms. For more on this subject, visit how to deal with allergies.

Do air purifiers work for Covid?

Air cleaners and HVAC filters can reduce indoor allergens, including viruses that are airborne. By themselves, though they’re not enough to protect people from COVID-19 – which is why it’s important you use them along with other best practices recommended by CDC or others in order for your home protection plan to work! Click here for test results from Dust Free®.