MERV 13 Air Filter


The Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter is a highly efficient replacement for return air grille applications that doesn’t require any modification to fit a standard 1-inch return air filter grille. The 3-inch deep pleated filter provides a longer life than the regular filter – up to six times longer – and filters air with greater efficiency than the older 1-inch type.

What is the MERV Air Filter Rating System?

MERV means Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value and it is a measure of the efficiency of the air filter by the size of particles it will catch. Developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineers – ASHRAE – the MERV rating is something everyone should be looking at when replacing their air filter.

The best air filter will have a MERV rating of 20, and this will capture small particles – less than 0.3 microns – such as bacteria, tobacco and cooking smoke. The lowest rating of MERV 1 will catch only 20% of larger particles – around 3 to 10 microns, such as dust and plant spores. Viruses are 0.01 microns and below, to give you more idea of scale.

An air filter rated MERV 8 will catch 85% of larger particles such as pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and around 50% of smaller spores such as aerosols that can be irritating if not bad for your health, and this was the minimum recommendation for home air filtration systems until recently.

Now, MERV 13 HVAC filter is the new standard. This will catch 90% of larger particles and over 70% of smaller particles, including airborne viruses and bacteria.

Does Air Flow Matter?

The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter is at catching small particles, but it also reduces the amount of air that can pass through.

Imagine breathing through a face mask – not easy at the best of times, but double or even triple up on the thickness and it becomes extremely difficult, requiring a lot more effort to take air in. Well, that is exactly how it is with HVAC systems. They are designed for a certain amount of resistance – or static pressure – and if you increase that too much, the system will struggle to operate.

The best air filter is one that captures most of the nasty things but allows the air to flow freely. That is why the Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter is the optimum choice for replacement return air grill filters. Its low static pressure means that air passes through easily while collecting the spores and aerosols that can lead to sickness.

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The Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter

For HVAC contractors, the Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter provides the solutions to many of the problems faced when replacing filters or installing new systems.

The California Building Energy Efficiency Standards were introduced to ensure new and existing buildings achieve a good energy efficiency rating, and the Zephyr Filtration MERV 13 air filter is fully compliant with Title 24, making it the choice of the professionals.

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