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IAQ Products

Whole-Home Active Air Purifier

The active air purifier is installed directly into your HVAC system and works automatically every time you run the air.

MERV 13 HVAC Air Filter

3-inch Deep Pleated Filter that fits in 1-inch Return Air Filter Grilles offer longer life and higher efficiency.

Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The HAVEN indoor air quality monitor feeds air quality information to an app on your phone or tablet.

Energy Recovery Ventilators

Keep your home fresh and allergen-free with Residential Heat Recovery Ventilation Units.

Heat Recovery Ventilators

Eliminate stale, harmful air and replace it with clean, fresh air from outside your home.


Maintain ideal relative humidity levels in your home with the highest quality steam or evaporative humidifiers.


Controlling relative humidity in your home is not just about comfort, but also very important for your health.

Purifier Test

Understand if your purifier is working optimally or has room for improvement.

Don’t just guess. Calculate your air purifier’s efficiency and breathe easier knowing you’re making informed decisions for your health and well-being.