Whole-Home Humidifiers

Tell-tale Sign Your Home is Too Dry:

Battle dry, stagnant air in your home or office by installing Clean Comfort humidifiers. These appliances add moisture to the air in enclosed areas, which can make the space more comfortable for those with sensitive skin or severe allergies.

Humidifiers are useful all year round, particularly in dry desert climates that see very little rain, but they’re generally most useful in the fall and winter months. In general, the humidity level in your home should be around 50 percent.

The potential health benefits don’t stop there. When your mucus membranes dry out from low humidity levels, it hampers your body’s defenses against:
Maintaining ideal humidity levels in your home can also help you get better, more restful sleep. Low humidity levels can cause people to snore more often and more loudly due to those dried-out respiratory systems.

Two Main Technologies to choose from

Evaporative Humidifiers

Among the most popular and quickest to set up. This design works by a mechanism that blows warm air over a wet pad. The water on the pad evaporates and its vapor is absorbed into the surrounding air.

Steam Humidifiers

Approach problem in a slightly different way. These machines heat up water in an internal reservoir, convert it into breathable vapor, and expel that vapor into the surrounding area to increase the moisture level.

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