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Maybe you’ve heard that air purifiers kill viruses – but that can be misleading. Some devices capture viruses, while others actually kill it. For the best performance, you want both.

  1. With a quality HEPA filter installed, you’ll have hospital-grade filtration capturing particulates before they get recirculated in your home.
  2. The active air purifier uses aerosolized hydrogen peroxide to actually kill germs. 

Guess what? Your poor indoor air quality didn’t just happen overnight. In fact, there are usually a series of events that led to it. That’s why neglecting upkeep and maintenance on your HVAC system, forgetting to replace your filters and not getting your ducts cleaned – are typically where most IAQ problems start. Next, let’s add a lack of fresh air, a water leak, high humidity, or contaminated outdoor air pulled indoors to the mix. You see, it’s easy to get there when you do nothing.

HEPA filters are the best for capturing pollutants and help improve your air quality. That said, the next thing you have to look at is the MERV rating.

The higher the MERV the more pollutants it captures and the harder it is on your cooling and heating system’s airflow. Deciding what filter is right for your home or office should be based on your cooling and heating system AND your space. Don’t guess – Consult an indoor air specialist.

How We Find Our IAQ Experts

We start by getting recommendations from local sales reps and distributors. We’ll review the contractor’s website for a list of services and products they use, then we’ll look at their reviews to make sure that all previous work has been completed satisfactorily. After this preliminary research is done, we schedule an interview call or zoom with them (depending on availability) in order to confirm policies and procedures as well as insurance coverage before moving forward. Only after confirming everything checks out – we’ll give them your contact information.