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Be Air Aware This Air Quality Awareness Week

The first week of May marks Air Quality Awareness Week 2022. With a weekly theme and daily themes, find out how to get involved and why AQAW is important.

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air quality awareness week 2022

Did you know that today marks the start of Air Quality Awareness Week 2022? The annual week-long event is dedicated entirely to air quality awareness. How can you take part and what should you know about this notable awareness week? Keep reading to find out!

Air Quality Awareness Week

Every year, the first full week of May is Air Quality Awareness Week (AQAW). AirNow in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) among other health and environment-focused agencies hosts the annual event.

AQAW according to the EPA is the “goal of sharing information on air quality and how it affects health, as well as encouraging people to incorporate knowledge of the Air Quality Index (AQI) into their daily lives.”

Air Quality Awareness Week 2022

This year, AQAW’s theme is “Be Air Aware and Prepared!” Each day has its own individual theme as well. The daily theme breakdown is as follows:

  • Monday: Wildfires and Smoke
  • Tuesday: Asthma and Your Health
  • Wednesday: Citizen Science and Sensors
  • Thursday: Environmental Justice and Air Quality
  • Friday: Air Quality Around the World
May Is Clean Air Month: Air Quality Awareness Week isn’t the only notable environmental health May event. It also takes place during National Clean Air Month! Learn about Clean Air Month →

What To Know About AQAW

AirNow cites multiple goals for the awareness week. The primary purpose is to encourage people to check local air quality forecasts, or the local Air Quality Index (AQI) every day. This is a simple yet wildly effective habit to start. Knowing when air quality is poor and changing your actions or behaviors during poor air quality days is an easy intervention strategy. After all, the effects of air pollution exposure on the body are serious and well-documented.

For the most part, air quality awareness is growing, thanks in no small part to the coronavirus pandemic. Regardless of how greater public understanding began, the focus on air quality and air pollution is here to stay. In the long run, taking charge of your indoor space is a beneficial step. Keep this in mind during AQAW 2022!

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