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How Indoor Air Quality Can Help Students Return to Healthier School Buildings

As schools push toward reopening, are they doing everything they can to create a healthy school building? The right indoor air quality expert and control solution can make all the difference.

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Are school buildings healthy with indoor air quality

Across the nation, there is a push to get students back into classrooms. Rural schools say they are struggling with virtual learning and are pushing to return to classroom instruction. Urban areas are hyper-focused on reopening with healthy school buildings. In between, most will agree that when schools reopen, it must be done in a thoughtful way to keep both students and faculty safe.

Aside from PPE and social distancing, most schools are exploring options to improve indoor air quality. Some school districts are rushing to install purification systems in all school buildings before students return. Some are exchanging air filters more often–every month instead of roughly every three months. All of this is great, but we have to ask: Is the solution they are putting money into exactly what their school building actually needs? 

The Best Approach to a Healthy School

Improving indoor air quality is a comprehensive approach. It begins with hiring a qualified and knowledgeable IAQ specialist. An HVAC contractor with a lack of training or limited experience in IAQ will not suffice.

Every single school building is unique. Location, when it was built and the pollutant issues will be different at every school. This means the air quality problems in one school building will be different from another. A blanket approach or a one solution fits all method will not work.

An IAQ specialist can work with a school district to run HVAC system and air quality tests on each school building. Solution options range from purification, filtration, ventilation and humidity control. Some schools will require filter upgrades, while others could need humidity control and whole-building ventilation systems. Others will need all of the upgrades and a complete HVAC overhaul to safely reopen. It depends on what the IAQ test results show. Leading with data is a great approach to fixing the problem and creating healthier school buildings.

Advocate for Healthy Schools In Your Community

Schools across the nation were provided federal funding to better prepare their schools to safely reopen. As a parent, teacher, school administrator or concerned member of your community, you can help schools and districts find the right solution. We can help get you in touch with a local IAQ specialist in your area to help test, recommend and install the IAQ upgrades your school needs.  Contact us today.

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