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What Is Clean Air Month?

National Clean Air Month 2022 is here. The annual month-long awareness month focuses on the relationship between clean air and respiratory health.

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national clean air month 2022

Happy May, and happy National Clean Air Month! Every year, the American Lung Association (ALA) sponsors a month-long awareness event dedicated to the importance of clean air. Here’s what to know about Clean Air Month 2022.

National Clean Air Month

Each May, organizations use Clean Air Month to increase public awareness about the relationship between clean air and respiratory health. Local ALA chapters host events to educate and emphasize the link between environmental factors and respiratory health and wellness. 

Clean Air: Clean Air Month should matter to you because clean air matters. It impacts your and your family’s health, public health and the environment’s health. Learn more →

An example event is “Clean Commute Days,” and Bike-to-Work day which falls on the third Friday of May. Cycling, walking and climbing fundraiser challenges is another way to participate. 

Breathing Clean Air 

National Clean Air Month offers an opportunity to look back on the many clean air achievements that have occurred over the past decades following the passage of the Clean Air Act in 1970. At the same time, it’s also for looking ahead for new ways to continue to fight air pollution. Understanding the health-air quality connection is necessary to address air pollution exposure. Plus, it’s also key to improving your own health and wellness. 

Participate in National Clean Air Month 2022

Looking for ways to get involved this Clean Air Month? The ALA site features local events, national campaigns and other clean air challenges and opportunities.

At IAQ Works, our chief goal is to educate homeowners (and dwellers of every indoor space) why indoor air quality matters and how to take action with IAQ control solutions. The most important step this Clean Air Month is simply choosing to learn more about air pollution exposure indoors and out.

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