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NHHM 2022 Focuses on Healthy Homes at Any Age

It’s officially National Healthy Homes Month 2022! This June, learn more about the relationship between housing and health; and how to create a healthy home.

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healthy homes month 2022

June is National Healthy Homes Month! Healthy Homes Month is an annual recognition and awareness event dedicated to healthy housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Office of Lead Hazard Control and Healthy Homes (OLHCHH) sponsors the month. Yes, there is a government office dedicated to healthy homes. Here’s what Healthy Homes Month 2022 is all about.

National Healthy Homes Month 2022

National Healthy Homes Month (NHHM) 2022 is about “A Healthy Home at Any Age.” The theme highlights how healthy home practices and principles apply to every person and every age group. Not only does “any age” apply to homeowners and occupants, but it also applies to the age of the home. Regardless of the construction date, every home can and should be a healthy home.

So, how can you participate in NHHM 2022? Check out this list of virtual events, or participate in the fourth annual healthy homes Twitter chat! Additionally, simply learning more about the connection between health and housing is participating.

Importance of Healthy Housing

Education, information and awareness regarding healthy home solutions, habits, practices, products and strategies are what NHHM and IAQ.Works are all about. After all, understanding the relationship between your health and your home is critical. Indoor air quality, routine HVAC maintenance, improving ventilation and minimizing contaminants indoors are a few simple IAQ action steps that also work to create a healthier home. 

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