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National Public Health Week, Air Quality Perspective

The first full week of April marks the start of National Public Health Week 2022. Considering public health is where you are, air quality is an important factor.

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national public health week 2022

Today marks the start of National Public Health Week 2022. This year, the week-long awareness event falls the week of April 4–10. The 2022 theme is “Public Health is Where You Are.” It encompasses the idea that one’s surrounding environment affects health, that where we live matters. 

Health Effects: Unclear about the connection between public health and air quality? Air pollution exposure affects nearly every single organ system in the human body. Read more about pollution’s adverse health effects →

Public Health Recognition

Every year, the American Public Health Association organizes National Public Health Week. First held in 1995, this national campaign encourages the public to learn more about public health issues, history and successes. It’s a dedicated time for communities throughout the country to observe the many contributions of public health as a discipline while also recognizing pertinent community health issues.

National Public Health Week 2022

Similar to years previous, each day of National Public Health Week has its own individual themes. This year, starting with Monday, the daily topics are:

  • Racism: A Public Health Crisis
  • Public Health Workforce: Essential to our Future
  • Community: Collaboration and Resilience
  • World Health Day: Health is a Human Right
  • Accessibility: Closing the Health Equity Gap
  • Climate Change: Taking Action for Equity
  • Mental Wellness: Redefining the Meaning of Health

In addition to learning more about each specific daily theme, there are several free public virtual events occurring throughout the week. You can find a full list of events here. And don’t forget to also look into local and community events happening this week.

National Public Health Week and Air Quality

The connection between public health and air quality is clear. Air quality, indoors and out, is a clear environmental health factor. As a subset of public health, one’s environment and surrounding settings are crucial to individual health. And air pollution exposure in particular can result in significant adverse health effects.

Air Quality and Public Health: This week, take the time to learn more about how air quality and air pollution exposure affects both individual and public health →

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