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Combat Viruses in Your Home With a Whole-Home Air Purifier

Air purifiers cannot stop viruses, but they can help reduce spread indoors. Find out why whole-home systems are the better purification choice for viruses.

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air purifier for viruses

Health, fitness and wellness options dominate the modern world. From improving what we eat, how we exercise and boosting our immune systems, it seems like many of us are obsessed with not getting sick. And for good reason—being sick sucks. 

Focusing on indoor air quality is a less common health and wellness subject, but one with surprising impact. Did you know your home’s indoor air quality can actually affect how illness spreads? Because of this, one of the more popular air quality improvements (with a health focus) is air purifiers. But how exactly does an air purifier work to reduce viruses, germs and illness indoors? And what is the best air purifier for viruses? 

How Do Viruses Affect Us?

Viruses account for many of the illnesses and diseases that exist in the world. Whether or not air purifiers are able to combat the novel coronavirus is a common question. The answer really depends on the type of device, model, manufacturer and proper use indoors. Nevertheless, it’s necessary to remember how many other viral infections and diseases there are. The common cold, influenza, chickenpox and measles are all common examples of virus-based illnesses. 

Viruses are tiny living particles that cause infection once they enter your system. Viruses often spread from one person to another when someone inhales contaminated particles or touches a contaminated surface. Because viruses travel through the air, a space’s indoor air quality can affect spread. 

What Is the Best Air Purifier for Viruses?

Air purifiers cannot stop the spread of viruses altogether, but they can help minimize the spread and potentially prevent sickness in your home. Purification systems actively reduce the number of indoor air pollutants in an indoor space; thus, they can also reduce the number of airborne virus particles spreading in an indoor space. 

Purifiers are also called sanitizers. They are designed to capture and kill indoor pollutants like germs, bacteria particles and viruses. Air purification results in cleaner, healthier air. The effect of “scrubbed” air is helpful for reducing viral infections, bacterial infections, allergies, asthma and respiratory illnesses from spreading indoors. 

What To Look For in a Purifier

One of the most important things to check for when it comes to air purifiers is independent testing and rating. You want to choose a purification system that has been third-party verified so you can trust the device’s efficacy amidst the deluge of manufacturer and marketing claims. Particularly when the focus is on reducing the number of germs in the air and combating viruses at home, those critical lab test results should be externally verified!

Air Purification Data: Third-party verification and industry-standard device testing differentiates authenticated devices from false devices. When it comes to air purification, the validity of a device’s efficacy matters. Learn more about air purifier data →

There are different types of purification processes. Some purifiers rely on filtering particles, others use UV light devices or photocatalytic oxidation processes and certain purifiers rely on ionization. Ionization purifiers work by producing positive and negative ions that encourage particles to clump together. Thus, making them easier for HVAC filters to capture and filter out.  

We also recommend choosing a whole-home purification system over standalone units or portable purifiers. The bottom line? Whole-home purification systems are a better bang for your buck, provide cleaner air for the entire space and are a low-maintenance, low-hassle indoor air quality upgrade. Unless you’re only purifying a small studio apartment or need to target a single classroom or small space, a whole-home system is the better bet. 

Whole-Home Solutions

Air purification systems are a great addition to any home to keep occupants safe and healthy. While they are certainly not a catch-all when it comes to illness, they are a great additional layer of protection to have in place. Getting an air purifier for viruses will provide peace of mind, ensure cleaner air and surfaces in your home and have lasting beneficial air quality effects.

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