Indoor Air Is Up to

5 Times More Polluted

than Outdoor Air.

But you have the power to control it! And we can help.

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The air in my house isn't that bad, right?
Indoor air can actually be much worse than outdoor air. Studies show, on average, two to five times MORE air pollutants indoors compared to outdoors. And, most likely, your home only has the most basic 1-inch air filter to protect the entire space. Filtration should be the first line of defense, not the only.
Wouldn’t I notice if something was wrong?​
Yes! That is–if you know what to look for. After all, you can’t see indoor air pollutants. The focus is instead on noticing your indoor space and recognizing potential problems. It’s also another benefit of consulting an IAQ expert, who conducts a professional indoor air assessment.
Why haven't I heard any of this before?​
The EPA publishes reports on air pollution every year (and has for a long time!) but they usually aren’t widely discussed by the media. We’ve been doing our best over the last three years to raise awareness, educate homeowners and help people like you find local Indoor Air Experts.
Ok. It makes sense, so what should I do?​
We publish extensively on indoor air quality so you can better take control of your home’s air quality. We are experts in our own right, but you need a local contractor. Someone who can come to the home, inspect everything, and provide specific recommendations. While that’s not our role, we can help you find that person.
Wait a minute... How much will this cost me?​
The details of what works best for your space will depend on specific circumstances. Factors like where you live, the size of your house, occupant health conditions, and your current HVAC system all help to determine the ideal solution; there is no one-size-fits-all option. With so many variables, it's impossible to give you an accurate estimate here. It is safe to say that any whole-home solution will be more cost-effective than the popular standalone options. More good news, today we can offer you a FREE in-home inspection and estimate.
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How We Find Our IAQ Experts

We start by getting recommendations from local sales reps and distributors. We’ll review the contractor’s website for a list of services and products they use, then we’ll look at their reviews to make sure that all previous work has been completed satisfactorily. After this preliminary research is done, we schedule an interview call or zoom with them (depending on availability) in order to confirm policies and procedures as well as insurance coverage before moving forward. Only after confirming everything checks out – we’ll give them your contact information.

Let us help you find the perfect local IAQ professional.