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The most important smart-home device available that allows you to truly understand and control the air you breathe indoors. A professional-grade air quality monitoring system to keep you and your family safe from pollutants at home.


Monitor Your Home's Indoor Air Quality in Real Time

The HAVEN Central Air Monitor is duct-mounted for whole-home air quality monitoring. It's professionally installed into the duct right next to the air handler or furnace, providing both you and your HVAC contractor with a 360° view of your home's air quality. The HAVEN CAM enables you to monitor the air quality pain points in your space, discover trends and identify the IAQ solutions for improvement.

What You'll See ―


Intelligent Air Alerts

Receive immediate notifications when there are increases in particle levels

Filter Reminders

Home air filter lifetime monitoring and routine replacement notifications

Real-Time Monitoring

Patented in-duct solution enables whole-home air quality monitoring through real-time data

24 / 7 / 365

The HAVEN Home app provides tips to improve indoor air quality

Quality & Support

Dedicated homeowner support for equipment, app and IAQ help

Smart-Home Ready

Compatible with the most popular smart-home automation platforms and tech

What's is the air you breathe?

Stop guessing!

Get the most accurate, professional-grade air quality monitor on the market and start seeing instant feedback with actionable insights. We have highly trained IAQ experts in your area ready to help.

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