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Tips to Improve Air Quality with Simple Office Filtration Upgrades

If you’re looking to improve your indoor air quality, simple office filtration upgrades provide the first line of defense.

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For many businesses, indoor air quality was an afterthought. If employees complained, they may have brought someone in to inspect and replace air filters in the HVAC system. However, as businesses look toward reopening (or staying open) in this new normal, air quality is a prominent issue. Luckily, there are simple office filtration upgrades available on the market to make this process easier.

It’s important to note that air quality affects the productivity of everyone in the space. Less productive employees means a less profitable business. When employees are less concerned or affected by the air they’re breathing, they can instead have peace of mind and focus on their work. Air quality also affects the overall health of everyone in the space. With cold and flu season continuing in a COVID-19 world, you might wonder what you can do to improve the air quality in your office space. Keep reading for a couple of helpful tips and office filtration upgrades.

Up Your Filtration Game

You can’t see most things that contribute to poor air quality in an office. However, build-up of harmful indoor air pollutants happens quickly and leaves everyone in the office miserable. There are a plethora of particles circulating through poorly filtered air at any given time, including chemicals, pollutants and allergens. One thing that helps indoor air quality is upgrading to high-efficiency air filters.

Many buildings use MERV 8 filters, which help reduce pollutants like mold spores and dander. However, upgrading to MERV-13 filters allows your system to trap both smaller sized pollutants and better capture and eliminate all pollutants. MERV-13 filters successfully reduce pollutants like smoke, dust and droplets from a sneeze. They can help reduce the spread of illnesses in your office when paired with other precautions, such as hand sanitizer, wearing masks and social distancing.

High-Efficiency Air Filters: If you want to better understand why a MERV-13 filter is the best air filter for homes and offices, check out this article →

Keep Carpets Clean

Much as they do in a home, carpets in an office trap various air pollutants. In other words, carpets serve as another source of poor indoor air quality. Carpets need regular and thorough cleanings that remove leftover pollutants and particulates.

Vacuum cleaners that use HEPA filters help a lot in terms of keeping air pollutants out of circulation. You should also consider having carpets professionally scrubbed periodically to pull out ground-in dirt and particulates. Keeping carpets as clean as possible will serve as one more layer of air quality control in your office.

Support Office Filtration Upgrades

Taking any step that improves indoor air quality in your office will make reopening easier. It will also make your office staff happier and safer. Upgrading air filters to MERV-13 helps remove most of the unsavory particles from the air that negatively affect indoor air quality. If the office you work at, own or manage needs indoor air quality help, please contact us. We are happy to make recommendations or connect you with local indoor air quality specialists.

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